Outdoor Technical Range

ProTrek RangeAfter 130 years of making socks in England, and constantly being asked for good quality, high performance technical socks we decided that the time was right to use our knowledge and experience to develop a new range of ProTrek, our well proven technical collection. After much research, sampling, testing, reviewing and finalizing we can now offer a comprehensive UK made outdoor range from stock.

Best Yarns, Best Designs, Best Value

We began by sourcing the finest yarns – fibres like Merino Wool, Acrylic, Coolmax and Bamboo all established, designed and proven to give the very best in comfort, durability, and moisture management whilst still maintaining prices that represent excellent value. We then stretched our technical team and equipment to their very limits to make socks that have all the features that are important to those who take walking seriously.

Features & Benefits

We now have a range that is made of a high performance fibre and has impact protection, arch and ankle bracing/support, lace guards, flex zones and much more. All designed specifically with the wearers comfort in mind. Our new packaging has the consumer in mind with highlighted details on features to enable the customer to select the correct socks for their needs. These socks are suited to various aspects and levels of outdoor activities and we are confident that these socks are the very best that you can buy and all come with our usual 6 month guarantee and are supported by branded POS.